Women empowerment

Help is Our Main Goal

NAVRATAN FOUNDATIONS is a registered nonprofit society. Our mission is to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with a vision to focus on value-based, holistic community development. It is contributing to SDG 4(Quality education), SDG 5(Gender Equality), and SDG 8(Decent work and economic growth).
The Foundation is dedicated to community development. We are focussed on women empowerment through skill development, quality education to children, and adult education. Through women empowerment, the foundation is helping women to achieve social and financial independence.
It is also into health care and social protection to the underprivileged. It supports initiatives that facilitate the physical, mental, and social well-being of all in the community.
However, the key goal is to empower women and girls from poor and marginalized strata of society. Skill development leads to earning a livelihood which results in self-reliance.
Gender inequality remains a key challenge in India today. The Foundations endeavors to promote gender equality through literacy and awareness programs. This will bring a societal change and the communities will understand that all forms of discrimination and violence must be mitigated.
It is also working to increase the influence of civil society in the crucial decision-making processes at the district level.  It connects the citizens to the available resources in their community for the collective good of all and promotes the integral aim of sustainable development. This has been evident while working collectively during crisis – of late during the situation perpetuated by COVID 19 crisis.

The Foundation’s aim is to transform society into one where all may live with Hope and Dignity. It can only do so by empowering those who are most powerless. It believes that development can only happen from the ground up. Therefore, it is making unrelenting efforts to touch as many lives as possible, using all our resources.

It continues to focus on:

  • To promote skill development in women
  • To promote adult education
  • To provide a platform for promoting unseen talent in field of education, culture and vocational activities.
  • To support grassroots education for out of school children.
  • To create awareness about hygiene, health and sustainable environment.
  • To enhance emotional intelligence through life mentoring.