A Women’s journey towards Self-Empowerment The empowerment of women stands as the most potent tool for development. This statement cannot be stressed enough. In a world where corporate India is increasingly emphasizing upskilling and reskilling through technology, it’s crucial to recognize that a significant portion of India’s workforce operates in the informal sector. It is in this context that Navratan’s flagship program, Astitva was conceived, with a vision that skill development could be the driving force behind women’s Empowerment.

The primary aim of Astitva is to uplift underprivileged women who have been marginalized and lack access to essential skills for their livelihoods. Launched by Navratan in 2009, this program offers vocational and skill development opportunities to these women, enabling them to attain financial independence. To date, more than 9000 women have benefited from this initiative.

Navratan has established 37 vocational centers in and around Delhi/NCR, offering a six-month training course in basic tailoring and stitching to women in villages and slums. Upon completion of each session, the women receive a certificate, enabling them to secure job work from factories and tailors, thereby earning a decent living from their homes.

Our long-term goal extends beyond individual empowerment; it aims to support sustainable community development through skill-building programs. As part of this endeavor, we have introduced counseling and awareness sessions. These sessions help women enhance their communication skills, build confidence, and transform into catalysts for change. These transformed women, in turn, inspire and guide others in their communities, sowing the seeds of social harmony.

Many of our skilling centers have been established through partnerships with other social organizations and individuals who share our commitment to the cause of women’s empowerment. Together, we believe we can make a lasting impact and create a more equitable and empowered society.
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