Inside every child, there is a latent spark,

waiting to be kindled into a fire.

Even after 73 years of independent India, for millions of children, there has been no beginning of the right to education in any form. Approximately 2.8 percent of children are out of school in India

Children in slums have limited or no access to any form of schooling or learning. To make a humble contribution in society and help the children, Navratan GyanPeeth was formed. It is an informal school with 126 children in the age group of 3-12 years gaining education and skills that help shape them holistically.
The teaching is interactive and simple narrated through story telling. We use audio visual as a medium to show animated stories on values and moral science. Also, sometimes through play as it is a full body activity that helps them develop skills they will need later in life and important to build their mental and emotional muscles.

The children are given uniforms, shoes, books and other utilities required for a hygienic environment. We organize extra-curricular activities and excursions for them to experience a world that they have not seen before. This helps in widening their mental outlook and provides them with a new set of lenses to experience the world.

Although we are running this informal school in a single center in Noida, the aim is to establish more such centers to help children for a dignified and fruitful life. Post completion of their schooling at Gyan Peeth, Navratan also works with other schools to provide admission to these children. so that the learning never comes to a halt.

The Gyan Peeth was a model to test the efficiency of an informal school and the resultant success can help provide education to thousands of kids who have the will but not the means. No one can deny children basic education. It is their right and our duty to make sure that we step up to it.