Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.


“It is in giving that we receive”

Dear friends

There is no greater gift than the gift of opportunity to contribute and enrich lives of those in need. Starting Navratan was not about me being a philanthropist. It was a dream of creating a platform to help the less fortunate. The desire was to develop and showcase their unseen skills. The transition from my corporate role to dedicating all my energies into the Foundation has been a satisfying journey.   My happy moments are small gestures .  When a child from our slum school confidently recites a poem, he shines.  When the women from our tailoring centre receives her first pay check, she feels empowered.  It is this bond with them and the growing belief in their own ability that brings me great joy and solace!

Ashok Srivastava



There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women

Navratan Gyanpeeth

Inside every child, there is a latent spark,
waiting to be kindled into a fire…


Shikshit Mahila, Unnat Rashtra


As the name suggests, Samarpan is the culmination of all work done by the foundation throughout the year. Navratan’s achievements are showcased through an award function which is attended by hundreds of people. Instead of publishing a sustainability report, we celebrate the day by honoring individuals and organizations who are unsung heroes and have worked unobtrusively through their social contribution to society. Samarpan is a platform to recognize all the work that Navratan and many others do in areas of education, health, environment, old age homes, women empowerment, poverty eradication, child abuse, etc.We invite applications across the social sector and a jury of eminent people select the awardees based on the nature of their work and the extent of help given to beneficiaries. Nearly 20 awards are given each year which are sponsored by Navratan and some by the members in the memory of their loved ones.

 Samarpan is our annual flagship event that is an ode to the entire Navratan community. Over the years, many awardees have gathered prominence for their efforts. Through Samarpan, we continue to showcase how we are adding value to our work, year after year. Most significantly, the people we support are growing.


Music has been with us for thousands of years as a form of entertainment, mode of communication and celebration of life.  Music is the universal language that transcends all bounderies .  It helps  us express a whole gamut of emotions . Music brings people together, soothes the mind is a common saying and whatever the condition that they live in, music is a common thread that unites a lot of people.

Noida is culturally very rich but is struggling to get a community platform for art and music in the city. Navratan found a way to bond people together and live up its motto of giving a platform to unseen talent. We created a property called, Jo Aaaye, Vo Gaaye- A singing competition.

It was started as a platform for community bonding where people come together leaving the burden of their daily lives and interact in an evening of music and melody. Through this, we also started to unearth musical gems who had the talent but not the relevant opportunity. Singers who impressed in these monthly contests, were given a chance to sharpen their skills and try to make a living from it.